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In 1995, five community health care agencies with a collective history of over seventy-five years of experience in providing primary care services to uninsured, underinsured and Medicaid populations, formed an Integrated Services Network (ISN), Community Health Access Network (CHAN).  A New Hampshire Health Care Transition Fund grant in 1996 set the opportunity to expand the HCCN and develop shared services. Two additional health centers joined the HCCN in 1997, and CHAN was further supported by a Bureau of Primary Health Care grant.  Today, CHAN administers several grants from Federal, State of New Hampshire and private foundation sources.

Originally, the HCCN Members established mutual standards for software selection and operations at the separate sites.  This arrangement necessitated careful coordination between each site to ensure the core uniformity of data collection, storage and output expected by the Network.  It soon became evident that a more central configuration of the system would provide efficiencies, economies of scale and better support the desired level of integration.  CHAN orchestrated the implementation of a Wide Are Network (WAN) beginning in 1999.

As an integrated provider network CHANís primary mission is to enable the health centers to serve the vulnerable populations and maintain a comprehensive range of health care services needed to assure the effective and efficient delivery of health care.  Integration is important to the continuation of the local programs that have the experience, the expertise and the positive health care outcomes.  To do this, CHAN members established common standards clinical protocols, operational policy, financial and information systems. 


The Board of Directors is comprised of the member health center Directors.  CHAN's Executive Director administers the Network business plan and oversees program operation.  CHAN has organized several advisory and working committees to develop and execute projects.  Staff and contractors with specific  expertise carry out collaborative activities in several dimensions, such as Clinical, Information Systems and Information Management, Fiscal, and Operations.  CHAN has achieved regional and national recognition for our standardized practice electronic management solutions.
Board of Directors
Helen Taft Executive Director, Families First of the Greater Seacoast
Greg White Executive Director, Lamprey Health Care
Richard Silverberg, Chair Executive Director, Heath First Family Care Center
Kris McCracken, Secretary Executive Director, Manchester Community Health Center
Janet Atkins, Treasurer Executive Director, Goodwin Community Health
Dustin Hawk Executive Director, ResourceCare
Peter Kelleher Executive Director, Harbor Care Health and Wellness Center
Marianne Savarese Executive Director, Health Care for the Homeless